Mobile Restroom Trailer

Beautiful, Durable and Affordable

Portable Shower Trailer

2 Station Starting at $12,100

At Comforts Of Home, we provide portable restroom trailers as comfortable as bathrooms in your home.  Our toilet trailers are great for weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions, sporting events, construction projects and anywhere else temporary restrooms are needed.  These mobile restrooms provide all the luxuries of home restrooms with features that include: flushing toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, and linoleum floors all in a fresh sanitary environment.  Our hands-free fixtures help to keep the rooms clean and sanitary.


Our portable bathrooms can come with our unique family & handicapped room.  In addition to being handicapped accessible, they double as a family room where you can change diapers or assist a child in private. 


Our mobile bathroom trailers are equipped with A/C, heat and ventilation to keep the inside air and your guests comfortable.


Your guests will be happy that you chose Comforts of Home luxury restrooms.   They won’t have to contend with outhouses that are often unsanitary and smell even worse.  You’ll be showing your guests you care by providing them with restrooms facilities that are as comfortable as those in their homes.   


Are you putting on an event that could use a restroom trailer?  Our luxury toilet trailers will help retain many of your attendee's for a longer period of time.  They won't run off in search of cleaner restrooms, thus providing more potential revenue for you!


Thanks for choosing Comforts of Home. 


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